In the Fall of ’71, a rare and brave warrior was born.
He grew up in the greedy gutters, the awful alleys, and on The Back Streets of LA [Lost Angels],

Dope deluhs, crack headz and gangstuhs reigned supreme in his hood.
So, obviously he was destined to be 1 of them, right? “HELL NO!”
U c, he refused 2 fall victim to his surroundings. There were no + influences in his life.
This struggling soul learned what not to do from the streets,
the concrete jungle…the place he called home.

In the face of adversity, he held strong 2 his dream of 1 day being a +
force. He was determined to 1 day STAND UP AND BE HEARD with all
eyez on him.
Now that dream’s a reality.

His motto is: Love4OneAnother
His name is: D. L.
The world will remember him by another name

1LOVE aka Bad Boy #1
1LOVE Poet Society